Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese


In this day and age, there is plenty of information, materials, and services for learning Japanese on the Internet. However, when we consider the sheer amount of information available, it is difficult to find method that is right for you. Learning speaking can be more difficult than reading or writing because it involves interaction with people. Therefore, deciding on a certain type of method is essential for improvement. Wasabi has created this complete roadmap to identify the best way of learning how to speak Japanese. There may be other methods, however, we can say that this is one of the fastest and the most systematic ways to learn. Let’s give it a try.

Complete Roadmap for How to Speak Japanese with Practical Materials

Target Readers and Goals

Target Readers

  1. People aiming to travel to Japan, live in Japan or work with Japanese.
  2. People would like to learn how to speak Japanese in the most systematic way.
  3. People motivated enough to learn, but don’t have prior knowledge on how to speak Japanese


This will guide you to reach the CEFR C1 level (advanced) in terms of speaking. Of course, you can adjust your target level based on your own aim, like for instance, if you would like to travel to Japan, we guess that CEFR A2 or B1 level (elementary or intermediate) is enough to enjoy yourself. At CEFR C1 level, you will be able to;

  1. Express what you would like say both emotionally and logically
  2. Respond spontaneously and almost effortlessly
  3. Give clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects

*CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is a guideline used to describe the achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries.

Program Table of the Roadmap

How to Proceed

1. Knowledge: Special Course for Beginners

2. Practice: Japanese Pronunciation

3. Practice: Read-aloud & Instantaneous Composition Method

4. Experience: Interactions with Native Speakers

5. Experience: Reading Practice

Extra Story


We understand what we have shown so far may not look easy. However, if we seriously try to improve, we have to require you to tackle some challenging aspects of language learning. There is no “magical learning method”. We are very confident that this is the Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese. If you follow it and put forth effort, you will certainly become proficient in Japanese in terms of speaking. All you need to do is to encourage yourself to take one step forward and to dedicate your time to learning Japanese. You are at the door of becoming a proficient Japanese speaker.  

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Post Script

Looking back on when we decided to create the Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese, our proposition was that you could learn Japanese on the Internet almost for free except for interacting with native speakers. That’s why we created this along with Wasabi, which provides one on one online lessons with native speakers at the best price on the market. Therefore, you can learn everything you need at an affordable price with the big picture in mind. By utilizing these materials, we sincerely hope that we will achieve our vision: “To ensure every dedicated learner can master Japanese.”