Proofread Your Japanese Script by Native Speakers



*The target readers are those who are going to make a Japanese speech or presentation.

After you have written your Japanese script, I recommend you to get it proofread by native speakers, if possible. Expectations about your writing will change depending on your situation, like for instance, people are required to respond quickly in business situations, not respond with grammatical accuracy. Then again, public speeches require speakers to be accurate and professional in terms of wording, grammar and terminology. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that very much because if native speakers check your Japanese script, they will gladly help you to make it sound more ‘Japanese’. This is the reason why your Japanese script should be corrected.

How to get your Japanese script proofread

Needless to say, I think you already understood the importance. The problem is how you can get your Japanese script proofread. The number of words in your Japanese script may be more than 1 or 2 thousand. It is not so easy even for native speakers to correct such long script, so I think there are only 3 options.

Ask your Japanese Partner or friends.

If you have a Japanese partner or a friend, you are very lucky. He or she will definitely help you make your Japanese script more natural. In addition, you may ask some questions without any hesitation because of the relationship. Please don’t forget to express your gratitude and do something for him or her after you made your Japanese speech.

Take Japanese Lessons on fee-basis.

Unfortunately if you don’t know any native speakers personally, the next option can be taking online Japanese lessons. These are divided into 2 groups, real schools and online schools. In the case of that you would like to learn only for your Japanese speech, I think online schools are appropriate because short duration courses are usually available. Since it is a fee-based service, you will receive some services not only for your Japanese script, but also other tips, such as pronunciation, intonation, body language and asking questions.

Find a Language Exchange Partner

If you accept to use your own time rather than the tuition fees, language exchanges can be the third option. The concept is that in exchange for that you teach your own language, such as English, Chinese, Italian, etc., your partner teach you his or her own language, i.e. Japanese. Although it is not certain that you will find an appropriate partner and it takes some time to build a relationship and learn to teach each other, you will get your Japanese script proofread eventually.





Your Partner or Friends




Japanese Lessons




Language Exchange Partner





This is the final stage in writing your Japanese script. After proofreading, you will probably find several new expressions and mistakes in grammar. Even so, please don’t be embarrassed at all. The more your mistakes are found, the better your Japanese script will be. And, by discussing why the expressions are better or worse, you will more profoundly understand your Japanese script, which will help you if you are nervous while making your Japanese speech. Please enjoy the process of making your Japanese script with someone.

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