Lesson 1-4: 北風と太陽 / The North Wind and the Sun

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 1-4: 北風きたかぜ太陽たいよう /The North Wind and the Sun

Slow Speed
Slow Speed with Pauses
Natural Speed
Natural Speed with Pauses

Japanese Script


English Translation

“Well, next I will try,” the Sun said and then slowly shined on the man. “Ah, it has become warm at last.” Since the Sun appeared, the man looked relieved a little. The man stopped holding his cloaks. Next, the Sun strengthened the power to shine a little. “It’s getting a little hot,” the man said and then took off his cloak. “Now or never!” the Sun looked at the man taking off his cloak and then strengthened the power to shine more. “It’s hot. It’s getting hot suddenly,” the man said, and then took off another cloak. “Yes!” the Sun was glad. Then, the Sun weakened the power and continued to softly shine on the man.


Words Types Meanings
つぎ noun  next, following, subsequent 
ゆっくり  noun, adverb, suru verb slowly, at ease, restful 
なる  u-verb  to become, to get, to grow, to be 
ru-verb  to appear, to come out, to emerge 
すこ noun, adverb small quantity, little, few, something
ちょっと  adverb somewhat, easily, readily, rather 
ちから noun force, strength, might, vigor, energy 
それから set phrase and then, after that 
よわ i-adjective  weak, frail, delicate, tender, unskilled 

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