Lesson 3-4: ツルの恩返し / The Crane of Gratitude

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 3-4: ツルの恩返おんがえし / The Crane of Gratitude

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Japanese Script


English Translation

When the man came back home, he asked her, “Make a lot more cloth.” The woman replied, “Sure.” After that, she said with a serious face, “But, I have a request. Please don’t look at the inside of the room while I’m making cloth.” “Alright. I promise.” The woman made cloth every day. Once the woman made a piece of cloth, the man went to the town right away and sold it. Since the woman worked every day, she was losing her energy gradually. The cloth was popular from among a lot of people, and he could always sell it at a high price. One day, a person in the town said, “This cloth is really beautiful. I will pay ten million yen, so could you tell me how to make the cloth?” The man thought that he would try to memorize how to make it by looking at the inside of the room while she is making the cloth.


Words Types Meanings
たのむ u-verb  to request, to beg, to ask 
...くれ expression  expressing a request in command tone
あいだ adverbial noun  time (between), pause, break 
けっして adverb  never, by no means 
約束やくそく  noun, suru verb promise, agreement, arrangement, appointment 
だんだん  adverb  gradually 
なくなる  u-verb  to be lose, to be missing 
...かた set phrase  method of, manner of, way of  
おしえる  ru-verb  to teach, to instruct, to tell, to inform 

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