Lesson 5-2: 走れメロス / Run, Melos!

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 5-2: はしれメロス / Run, Melos!

Slow Speed
Slow Speed with Pauses
Natural Speed
Natural Speed with Pauses

Japanese Script


English Translation

The person in the town replied to Melos with a small voice, “Because the king kills people. The children and younger sisters of the king were killed. The king cannot trust people. Six people have been killed today.” Melos got very angry. Melos angrily headed towards the castle where the king lived. When Melos entered the castle, he was caught soon because he had a small sword. The king sternly asked Melos, “Why did you come to the castle?” Melos replied, “I’m here to save the town from you.” The king laughed and said, “Can you save the town? You cannot understand my mind.”


Words Types Meanings
ころ u-verb to kill 
ども  noun  child, children 
しんじる  ru-verb  to believe, to trust 
...からだ(です)  expression  expressing reason
きびしく  adverb sternly, austerely, gravely 
なぜ  question word why 
たすける  ru-verb to help, to save, to rescue
まえ pronoun you (term referring to an equal or inferior)

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