Japanese Graded Readers (JLPT N4): 走れメロス / Run, Melos!

Run, Melos!

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 5-1: はしれメロス / Run, Melos!

Slow Speed
Slow Speed with Pauses
Natural Speed
Natural Speed with Pauses

Japanese Script


English Translation

Melos was angry. He thought that he could not forgive the bad king. Melos didn’t understand difficult things. Melos was living a happy life in a village. However, Melos could not forgive bad things. Melos came to the town named Syracuse from the village. Melos had no father, mother nor wife. He was living with his sixteen-year-old younger sister. She would get married soon. Melos came to the town to go shopping to prepare for the wedding. While he was walking in the town, Melos thought that the town was strange. The town was much quieter than when he came before. So, Melos asked a person in the town, “Why is the town quiet?”


Words Types Meanings
王様おうさま noun  king 
ゆるす  u-verb  to exempt, to excuse, to pardon, to forgive, to release 
むら  noun  village 
おくさん  noun  (Honorific) wife, married lady, madam 
いもうと  noun younger sister 
もうすぐ  set phrase very soon 
もの  noun  shopping 
おかしい  i-adjective  strange, odd, funny, peculiar, weird, unusual 
しずか  na-adjective  quiet, silent 

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