Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 4-1

Program: クリスマス Personality: Chiy Chiy

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Japanese Script

こんにちは、午後5時ごごごじぎました。ウィークエンドスクランブル、おあいはChiy Chiyでおおくりします。はい、みなさん一週間いっしゅうかんぶりです。おげんでしたか?いやーね、とうとう12じゅうにがつはいりましたねぇ。うーん、もうなんでしょうね、最近さいきんたのしみっていったら、いろんなところにイルミネーション*2 がね、はじめましたからね。これね、るのすっごくたのしみですね。あっ、としはここもやってる、とかですね。あっ、ここはねやっぱりね、毎年まいとしきれいだなとかですね。とおるたびにですね、ついついてしまいますね。うーん。

English Translation

Title: Christmas Personality: Chiy Chiy*1
Hello, it’s past 5pm. The “Weekend Scramble” will be broadcasted by your companion, me, Chiy Chiy. Ok everyone, it’s been one week. How have you been? Well, we’re finally into December aren’t we? So, how can I say…when comes to what has been fun recently, various places have illuminations*2 and have begun lighting them. It’s very fun to see this. Ah, this year they’re doing it here too among other things. Ah, it’s here as expected, and every year it’s beautiful. Every time I pass by I look at it unintentionally. Yeah.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. This personality, Chiy Chiy, has a habit of using the particle 「ね」 frequently. Although it usually doesn’t have any particular meaning, native Japanese speakers don’t feel that her speaking is unnatural or uncomfortable.

2. Christmas (winter) illuminations in Japan are large light displays that often take place around the holiday season. These illuminations are usually in parks or public places where everyone can enjoy them, and can feature everything from simple lit trees to complex tunnels that patrons can walk through. You can see actual images via this google image search.

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