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Program: クリスマス Personality: Chiy Chiy

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Japanese Script


English Translation

Title: Christmas Personality: Chiy Chiy
But, you know, once the very,very fun Christmas*1 is over, I don’t know how fun Christmas is actually. Suddenly…suddenly, now it’s changed to a New Year’s mood, hasn’t it? What can we do? Before long shall we start deep housecleaning*3? No no no, it can’t be the “deep housecleaning”. Tidying up for the time being? (Laughter) I have to tidy up [in order to do the deep house cleaning]. It’s true that “this is a normal cleaning, not deep housecleaning”. I must start the normal one. Well, time is just passing while I am thinking (laughter) “whether I should start and what I should do first”.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. This adjective 「たのしいたのしい」 is modifying the word 「クリスマス」 in the next sentence. In between she added supplementary words.

2. In spoken Japanese the word order is often changed. In the sentence, 「なにたのしいかよくからないんですけど、わたしね」, the subject is 「わたし」, and so if we tried to express it plainly, it would look like this 「わたしなにたのしいかよくからないけど」.

3. A large annual cleaning that usually takes place just before New Year’s.

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