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Program:海外かいがいのニュース Personality: 村上隆むらかみりゅう

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Title: Foreign News Personality: Murakami Ryuji
I think this is awesome, isn’t it? For long distance, going from Washington to Hawaii for 1000 yen. There’s not much of a difference from Japan to Hawaii if we look at the distance. It’s surprising, that there’s such a thing. In Japan as well once in a while, um, there are mistakes in the number of zeros in prices on flyers which often show cheaper prices, but there are things like that. Free, or the higher price is still 1000 yen. A dream, it’s really like a dream isn’t it? I think I’d like to ride one time like this. This has happened! Well, the time is now passed 1:13. The program is continuously looking forward to addressing your messages and requests; please send them this way. Our Email is 884@shimabara.fm, that’s 884@shimabara.fm. Our fax number is 0957-62-0884. You can also access us from Shimabara FM’s webpage, and the FM Purapura app.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary


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