Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 7-6

Program: あこがれの職業しょくぎょう Personality: Chiy Chiy

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English Translation

Title: The Longed-for Occupation Personality: Chiy Chiy
7th is a government worker. Well, I feel like this area makes it into the rank continuously these days. Now, 8th is a nurse. Yeah, it’s a nurse. Now 9th is a pharmacist. Pharmacists have also been popular for the last few years, haven’t they? Yeah, as expected, it’s because the opportunities to go to a pharmacy or a pharmacist’s office to receive medicine are increasing. Because of that, despite your intention, the opportunities to see pharmacists are increasing. It can’t be, can it? Yeah. What they’re doing, as expected, it attracts you, and you can’t help but see them. Yeah, because by wearing a white coat, this figure doing work is certainly cool. People will long for this I think. Yeah.

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