Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 8-3

Program: どうけんはだランキング Personality: 村上隆むらかみりゅう

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Japanese Script

で、しまくうちゅう水蒸すいじょうみつたかいなど、うつくしいはだたも環境かんきょうととのっていると。あらー、はだになりたいかたは、じゃあ島根しまねじゅうしないといけないということですか?そうはいかないですよね。えー、じゅん、トップ5ふぁいぶましょうか。いちしまけん二位にい石川県いしかわけん3さんこうけん4よん山県やまけん5位ごい山形県やまがたけんというじゅん。なるほどね、あの、なんかよく、あの、じんはここのけんが、とかありますけど、そこともちがうってことですか。あき田美たびじん*2 なんていいますけど、 そのあきけん16じゅうろくですって。ま、がいですね、これね。え、女性じょせいはだうつくしさのランキングだそうです。粧品会社しょうひんがいしゃのポーラが先日せんじつ発表はっぴょうしたランキングからご紹介しょうかいしました。

English Translation

Title: Prefecture*1 Skin Ranking Personality: Murakami Ryuji
Shimane has things such as high water vapor density in the air, and is a well-suited environment to maintain beautiful skin. Oh, those who want to have beautiful skin need to immigrate to Shimane, do they? However, that would be difficult. Um, why don’t we look at the position of the top five? The ranking is; 1st place, Shimane Prefecture; 2nd place, Ishikawa Prefecture; 3rd place, Kochi Prefecture; 4th place, Toyama Prefecture; and 5th place, Yamagata Prefecture. Indeed, um, something like “a lot of good looking women are in this prefecture” is often said, but [the top five] differ from that [reputation]. There is said to be something about the “Akita beauties”*2, but Akita Prefecture is 16th place. Well, this is surprising. Um, that’s the beauty ranking of women’s skin. I introduced this by referring to the ranking publicized by the cosmetics company “POLA” the other day.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. Literally To, dō, fu, ken; the four types of prefectures in Japan.

2. Literally “Akita beautiful women”. Akita prefecture is well-known for having a lot of good looking women.

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