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Japanese Title ブラックジャックによろしく
English Title Give My Regards to Black Jack
Author Mr. Shuho Sato
Website Manga on Web
Level Intermediate (JLPT N3 or more)
Total Lesson  
Translation English
How to Use Intensive Reading

“Give My Regards to Black Jack” is one of the best-selling manga in Japan and won the Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Award in 2002. This thrilling and intense story focuses on a young doctor who just graduated from a university and faces the dark side of the medical industry. These Japanese lessons are created based on the Terms of Use and  the Copyrights of Mr. Shuho Sato.

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Program Table of Japanese Lessons

*Work in progress

ブラックジャックによろしく Vol. 1

Lesson 1-1 けんしゅうよる / Night of the Intern
Lesson 1-2 けんしゅうよる / Night of the Intern
Lesson 1-3 けんしゅうよる / Night of the Intern
Lesson 2-1 ウナギとゴッドハンド / Eels and Godhand
Lesson 3-1  75ななじゅうごさいだん/ The Price of Being 75
Lesson 4-1 夏雲 なつぐも/ Summer Clouds
Lesson 4-2 夏雲 なつぐも/ Summer Clouds
Lesson 5-1 外科げかないきょくさいとう / Surgery, Internists, Departments, and Saito
Lesson 6-1 最初さいしょのウソ / The First Lie
Lesson 7-1  "いちりゅう"のワナ / The Top-Tier Trap

ブラックジャックによろしく Vol. 2

Lesson 1-1 告白こくはく / The Confession
Lesson 2-1 北三郎きたさぶろう / Saburo Kita
Lesson 3-1 さい一滴いってき / The Last Drop
Lesson 4-1 ほうとう / The Tower of Anarchy
Lesson 5-1 弁明べんめい Justification
Lesson 6-1 執刀しっとう Surgery
Lesson 7-1 信頼しんらい Trust
Lesson 8-1 がっ Self‐Centered
Lesson 9-1 がお That Smile


“Give My Regards to Black Jack” contains medical vocabulary. However, you don’t have to understand all of it . Please focus on the sentence structure, which will give you sufficient ability to read Japanese. Moreover, regardless of whether you can understand such medical words, you can certainly enjoy the story as the majority of Japanese people who don’t know them could do that.

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