About Employee Training & Corporate Plans

Wasabi provides one-on-one Japanese lessons online via Skype.

This is what makes our service for corporate users special

  1. Lessons focusing on usable, natural Japanese, taught by experts in one-on-one lessons
  2. Courteous and flexible support provided by Wasabi, with a thorough follow-up with the person in charge at your company
  3. Lesson plans perfected and developed just for your needs, customizable depending on your employees' levels and your needs as a corporation

Wasabi teachers teaching corporate clients

  • Makisan
  • Takashi Uematsu
  • Shiho.C
  • Maqui.H

  • Textbook lessons, adjusted to each student's level

    Using a textbook perfect for each of your employee's level of Japanese, assessed directly by Wasabi, our tutors will systematically teach grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing to enable your employees' to learn Japanese efficiently and naturally.
  • Our lessons will strengthen your employees' Business Japanese in a variety of situations

    Everyday interactions, meetings, or presentations in Japanese - we will train your employees to manage all of these smoothly. By implementing roleplay and staging situations with clients, Wasabi trained students can learn Business Japanese they can implement at work immediately.
  • Discussion lesson by topic (or type of industry)

    While making proper use of industry or topic-related vocabulary, this type of lesson will also strengthen your employees' listening and speaking skills.
  • Furthermore, based on our existing ones, we can develop a special new lesson plan tailored to your company's specific needs.

Examples of companies contracting with Wasabi

<<Turn your current manpower into an immediate asset>>

We are using a training programme developed by Wasabi strengthening the communication power between our employees and improving the general Business Japanese expressiveness of our non-Japanese members. Coming mostly from English and Chinese speaking countries, our employees receive lessons from native Japanese speakers who speak their language. While also receiving training preparing them for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, we are happy to see our employee's communication skills rising effectively and quickly.

First Month

4 Lessons á 50 Minutes per Month x Three Months
From testing their reading and writing abilities to trying out scenes in Business Japanese, Wasabi held personal interviews with each of our employees to determine their needs, set goals and choose the right type of lesson.

Second Month

Reassessment of lesson content based on results In the second month, Wasabi checked whether the goals set during the personal interviews had been achieved and we were able to consider changing up the lesson content depending on each student's progress.

Third Month

Reassessment of lesson content & checking if student wants to continue Most of the students wanted to continue with their lessons after reaching the three months mark, and some even wanted to level up to a plan with 8 lessons per month to achieve their goals and aim for an even higher level of Japanese.

Fourth Month onward

Including employees who newly enter the programme, Wasabi helps us to keep track of everyone's progress and current goals and designs lesson plans for our employees according to these on-going assessments.

<<Improvement according to each student's needs>>

We had our lesson plans made especially for new employees who are beginners in Japanese and members of our translation and interpretation department, to help them level up their Japanese even more and to get customized training in Business Japanese.

First Month

After several meetings with the Wasabi staff, we decided on a plan with 8 lessons per month continuing for two months. The lesson plans were focused on simple greetings and mainly tourism related vocabulary as well as easy training allowing students to practice their answering skills through role playing in individual lessons.

Second Month

Wasabi checked the progress our employees had made, issued certificates of completion to those whose course had ended and continued planning customized lesson plans for those students who decided to continue improving their Japanese.

<<Improving student acquisition by improving our lecturer's Japanese>>

We used Wasabi's services to improve the Japanese of the native teachers employed in our English conversation school.Besides training in Japanese expressions to foster mutual understanding, Wasabi has created a plan for our teachers that involves learning about Japanese culture and the personality of Japanese people, enabling them to improve their general conversation skills through Japanese conversation lessons.

First Month

After an online introductory seminar for all of our employees explaining more about Wasabi lessons and the system, lessons started for all of our participating teachers.

Second Month

In order to increase the fun for our English teachers, Wasabi teachers added topics that interested them, like lessons about Japanese TV shows and music.

Third Month

Reflecting on some feedback from our employees, Wasabi started offering group lessons. Our employees can participate in those group lessons whenever they have the time.

Fourth Month

With new participants joining the learning group, we held another online introduction session with Wasabi. Private consultations were also conducted to assess individual progress and needs.

Fifth Month

After reflecting on feedback we received from our employees, we added an additional sightseeing lesson about Japan. During our time with Wasabi, a company-internal Japanese study group developed as well which our employees enjoy to enhance their communication skills even outside of their assigned departments.

Implementation Flow


Step1 First of all, please feel free to get in touch with us!

We will answer all of your questions and propose the best method and lesson plans for your company's and employees' specific needs.


Step2 Processing your application and payment

As a general rule we will ask all of your employees to create a student account on Wasabi (which is completely free of charge).We will consult with you about the best payment option and customize it to your company's specific preferences.Generally we will send an official bill to your company and then, after confirming the payment has gone through,we will add lesson points to each individual user in order to activate their lessons.


Step3 Taking lessons

Wasabi lessons are one-on-one, private lessons conducted via Skype.We ask all students to have Skype open and ready about 5 minutes before the lesson and then wait for their tutor to contact them.The lesson will start once the tutor has called the student.


Step4 On-going support

Students can take a Wasabi "Guidance" session at any point. During Guidance sessions students can ask questions about the usage of Skype or consult about their needs and current lesson plans. We also provide flexible support in regards to certificates of completion as well as reports on lesson content and progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We can arrange lesson plans with your requested number of lessons.

A.Depending on the content you would like to receive, we can put together a report including information on the lesson rate, the corresponding tutors, lesson content and feedback. We will customize the report according to your wishes. All reports will be sent to the person in charge in your company.

A. That is possible. Please send us your inquiry anytime.

A. Yes. We calculate our fee by the number of lessons taken in a month and can send you a separate estimate depending on when you would like the course to start.

A. After you have placed your order, we will provide you with the bill within 1-2 business days.

A. Please complete the payment in the month before the month you would like lessons for your employees to start.

A. Because of the specific creation of lesson plans for corporate customers, we ask all companies to provide us with at least two students.

A. Yes, under the condition that the employees participating in a group lesson will need to be in the same place, using the same Skype account. (This is in order to ensure an adequate call and video quality.) Depending on how different the needs and levels of the students within a group are, we might recommend private lessons over group lessons. Group lessons will be calculated with a different rate.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry anytime.