Special JLPT Program - Pass N5 - N1
with the help of our professional Tutors!

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What is the Wasabi JLPT plan?

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is the official Japanese language test recognized by the Japanese goverment and most employers and universities inside and outside of Japan. The examination is held twice a year, in July and December. Our tutors can help you pass every level, the lowest being N5, and the highest and most difficult to pass being N1.

You can choose between three diffetent plans (10, 15, or 20 lessons per month) before or after completing a free trial lesson with one of our accredited native Japanese tutors. All lessons take place online via Skype as private, 50 minute lessons.

Our JLPT Program can be utilised throughout the year or only right before the next examination. Materials will be selected during your trial lesson with your tutor.

Available Lesson Plans


  • 10 Lessons (50 minutes each)
  • Validity: 2 months
  • *About 380 USD or 256 EUR -Oct 2019


  • 15 Lessons (50 minutes each)
  • Validity: 2 months
  • *About 420 USD or 384 EUR -Oct 2019

Super Intensive

  • 20 Lessons (50 minutes each)
  • Validity: 2 months
  • *About 560 USD or 512 EUR -Oct 2019

JLPT Tutor

Mumusuke (Aya O.)

Mumusuke (Aya O.)

Aya is an experienced tutor who is not only good at teaching but who loves Anime, Manga and novels. She is a great tutor for students who wish to implement their love for Japan into their learning effort. She has helped multiple students pass all levels of the JLPT and speaks English.

Yoshie O

Yoshie O

Yoshie is a great choice for students wishing to pass N3-N2. With Yoshie, you will use a textbook and combine self-study with one-to-one lessons. Yoshie speaks English very well so you can always make sure to ask questions and get rid of all uncertainties you may have had while preparing on your own.



Saori is one of the most popular tutors on Wasabi. She is a certified Japanese tutor and focuses on grammar and vocabulary in her JLPT lessons. Of course you can also practice listening and Kanji if necessary - simply consult with her to decide which aspects to focus on.

Q & A

When will my lesson take place?

Our tutors set up availability, shown in your local timezone, within which you can schedule your lessons (10, 15, or 20) freely throughout the month. Your tickets will be available for two months immediately after your purchase and have to be scheduled within those two months.

What if I start my lessons in the middle of the month?

The lessons you bought will be valid for two months from the day you purchase them, so you can start anytime during the month!

Is there a matriculation fee?

Unlike many other Japanese language schools, there is no matriculation fee on Wasabi! You only always pay for the amount of lessons in your plan.

What materials will I use?

You can discuss which materials (including text books) you want to use during your trial lesson with your tutor. You can ask to use a specific text book or have your tutor recommend something. If you use a book, please make sure to purchase it yourself.

What if I can't take all of my 10-20 lessons within two months?

Please make sure to schedule your lessons and take them all within two month. Lesson tickets cannot be refunded or extended.

I'm not sure whether online lessons are a good fit for me.

After signing up, you are eligible to one free 25-minute trial lesson with a tutor of your choice. You do not need to register any credit card details or purchase a plan to take the trial lesson. That way you can simply see for yourself whether online lessons work for you!

Got any questions?