Materials: Self-Learning Japanese

List of Japanese Learning Resources

Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese

All Levels

This guideline carefully explains how to learn to speak Japanese with practical materials and figures. By following this method, you will certainly achieve your target.

Wasabi's Japanese Pronunciation Lessons

All Levels

These materials focus on enabling you to practice while viewing pictures and videos showing how native speakers’ tongues and mouths move. If you know the theories in place, you can make your Japanese pronunciation very natural.

Wasabi's Online Grammar Reference

Beginner to Upper-intermediate (JLPT N5 to N2)

We have designed the contents to be both learning tools and references. Thus, you can systematically learn Japanese grammar from the beginning or refer to something difficult while proceeding with your learning. (*work in progress)

Japanese Grammar with Instantaneous Composition Method

Lower-Intermediate (JLPT N4)

The idea of the method comes from a training method for interpreters. By utilizing this, you will be very familiar with Japanese grammar and be able to use it almost effortlessly. The effect has already been proven. Let’s give it a try.

Read-Aloud Method with Easy Japanese

Lower-Intermediate Level (JLPT N4)

We have remade well-known fairy tales and short stories that are already public domain with easy Japanese. You can learn Japanese with the interesting stories, the Japanese script, the English translation, and the audio files.

Read-Aloud Method with Radio Programs

Intermediate Level (JLPT N3)

Through a special association with Shimabara FM (a Japanese radio station), we have developed one of the most practical materials, Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts, in terms of conversation. You can learn Japanese with the real radio programs and the best traditional method, Read-Aloud.

[Manga] Give My Regards to Black Jack

Intermediate Level (JLPT N3 or more)

“Give My Regards to Black Jack” is one of the best-selling mangas in Japan. This thrilling and intense story focuses on a young doctor who just graduated from university and faces the dark side of the medical industry. These materials are created based on the Terms of Use and the Copyrights of Mr. Shuho Sato.